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What is the Meaning of the Lyrics of Lily by Alan Walker?

What is the meaning of the lyrics of Lilly by Alan Walker? The title, “Lily,” is a play on words. The protagonist Lily is a young girl who has been sheltered her whole life. When she feels scared, she runs away crying “Help!”

The song Lily was not Walker’s original work. In fact, it was a remake of the K-391 song Flux. Alan Walker wrote the lyrics of Lily, describing a girl who has never been out in the world. Despite this, the lyrics of “Lily” are about a girl who wants freedom and independence. Alan Walker and Emelie Hollow have both been recognized as talented writers.

The song is about a young girl who is afraid of the world. She was raised in darkness and tries to fight off the dark thoughts that plague her. She ends up running away to a forest where an entity is hiding. This makes the song a metaphor. The message is to make the listener think about his fears and find out what makes them uncomfortable. But, what is the meaning of the lyrics of Lily by Alan Walker?

The song is about a girl who wants to do something against her parents’ wishes. She doesn’t want her parents to dictate her life choices. She thinks she is old enough to be independent and she isn’t ready for adulthood yet. This song is about the struggle that adulthood brings. It is not easy. But it is worth the struggle. If you’re a young woman, Lily is a song for you.

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