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Organized Crime Actor Christopher Meloni Trending on Twitter

Why is Organized Crime actor Christopher Meloni trend-ing on Twitter? The actor has found out that fans appreciate him for more than his acting skills. On April 1, he returned to primetime as Detective Stabler on “Special Victims Unit.” In his next series, Organized Crime, he will be pursuing mobsters as Elliot Stabler. Other cast members include Dylan McDermott and Tamara Taylor.

Some fans of the actor are calling his buttocks a birthday cake, and he’s not afraid to play along. His fans often post pictures of him with his rump protruding. Fans have even asked him if he’s “fuzzy” on the cake he’s slicked in. Meloni, who weighs 200 pounds, is game for this theming, too.

The actor has become increasingly active on social media, and it’s easy to miss his tweets. A fan sent him a selfie from New York, and his butt was the focus of much of the attention. Despite his raunchy nature, his fan base loves the actor and his knack for wry humor. In response, Meloni has responded to fan queries, and his replies to their questions are usually hilarious.

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